BBC iPlayer Windows Phone app coming 'within weeks'?

On-demand TV content to make the jump to Windows Phone handset in a few weeks

Set to join the current Android and iOS options, new reports have claimed a BBC iPlayer app will launch for Windows Phone "within weeks"

Broadcasting giant BBC is to introduce a BBC iPlayer app to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform “within weeks”, new reports have suggested.

Outed by an official Nokia spokesperson, it is claimed the much loved BBC iPlayer is to expand its mobile reach in the near future with a Windows Phone application to line up alongside the current Android and iOS offerings.

Speaking at the UK launch of the upcoming Windows Phone filled Nokia Lumia 610 yesterday, the Inquirer has reported the unnamed Nokia personnel prematurely outed the BBC’s latest iPlayer launch plans.

"BBC iPlayer is expected to arrive on Windows Phone within the next few weeks, a sign that the Windows Phone Marketplace is attracting more developers,” the Nokia spokesperson said.

Whilst Windows Phone users my soon be able to benefit from BBC based on-demand content, the unnamed source has suggested that it will still be “a good few months” before SkyGo is introduced to the Microsoft manufactured Android rival.

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Via: TheInquirer