BBC iPlayer to launch in Western Europe as iPad app

BBC iPlayer to be subscription service in Europe

BBC iPlayer to be subscription based iPad app in Western Europe

The BBC is set to make the BBC iPlayer service available to a Western European market with the catch-up service to launch as a pay monthly subscription based iPad app.

Whilst UK users of the iPlayer service are granted access to the BBC back catalogue free of charge though the compulsory television licence fee, Western Europeans, like their American counterparts, will be required to pay a monthly subscription in order to access such content.

With wannabe European users of the iPlayer service expected to have to shell out in the region of $10 (£6) per month to use the service, Jana Bennett, the BBC’s President of Global iPlayer, has described the European service as “a different proposition” from the UK’s catch-up offering with an amalgamation of old and new BBC content to be accessible.

"The freedom from catch-up means that we've got a lot more flexibility in terms of what we put on there and how we present it," Bennett is expected to tell the Banff World Television Festival later today.

Although limited to an iPad application at launch, the Western European and eventually global iPlayer offerings will be offered in multiple formats in due course with open internet access a likely endpoint.

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Via: TechRadar