BBC iPlayer tablet requests rise 15 per cent in one month

Tablets account for 4.6 million iPlayer requests in September, 3 per cent of all use

The BBC has reported a hefty 15 per cent rise in tablet requests for its on-demand iPlayer service with the likes of the Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accounting for 3 per cent of all iPlayer use

The rise in popularity of tablet devices has been showcased by the BBC after the broadcasting behemoth revealed the number of BBC iPlayer requests made by tablet devices rose by 15 per cent during September.

With tablet-based iPlayer requests hitting the 4 million milestone in August the Beeb has confirmed the rapidly rising figure increased to a staggering 4.6 million the following month with the rise expected to continue as more users adopt the likes of the market dominating Apple iPad 2.

Whilst the 4.6 million request record sounds like a staggeringly large proportion of users, this figure accounted for just 3 per cent of the overall iPlayer requests during September 2011 as usage topped 153 million.

The number of tablet requests fell slightly behind those made by users accessing the on-demand catch up service via games consoles, 5 per cent, as well as those making use of iPlayer content via IPTV devices such as Virgin Media’s TiVo and BT Vision, 6 per cent.

Despite dropping by 6 per cent since September 2010, the standard computer is still the most used method of accessing iPlayer programmes accounting for 65 per cent of all requests.

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Via: TechRadar