BBC iPlayer records 1.3 billion annual programme requests

Record month and year recorded by catch-up service

Aunties' catch-up reaches new heights

The BBC’s on-demand video catch-up service iPlayer has seen yet another record month in November with annual growth exceeding 32 per cent, new figures have revealed.

With 141 million TV and Radio programme requests made to Aunties' online catch-up service in November, two million more than the previous record set a month earlier; the BBC’s iPlayer has capped a sensational year that has seen in excess of 1.3 billion streaming requests.

Contributing to November’s success, The Apprentice, Merlin and Russell Howard’s Good News all performed strongly with special events such as Children in Need and the radio broadcast of the Haye vs. Harrison fight adding to the figures. November also saw an increase in iPlayer requests from internet connected TVs.

“Live TV viewing via the BBC iPlayer increased in November to make up 13 per cent of all requests, boosted by Children In Need and sport coverage. Live radio also grew slightly," said the BBC’s Bridget Middleton on the rise in internet connected TV use.

Daniel Danker, general manager, Programmes and On Demand, added: "BBC iPlayer has had a remarkable year - with well over 100 million requests for programmes each month of 2010 and over 1.3 billion programmes played through the year".

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Via: TechRadar