BBC iPlayer on Sky+ is now live

BBC's on demand service now available on Sky+ boxes

With Sky increasing the amount of on demand content it provides, including Sky Store and Sky Anytime, the addition of BBC iPlayer is a big increase in the amount of content they can provide

BBC iPlayer is now available on Sky+ to any Sky customers who have their Sky+ box hooked up to the internet offering up the full capabilities of iPlayer whilst also integrating Series Link and more.

Integrated into the EPG the user is able to flick through the channels, search for content and then watch in HD as well. Once a program is selected the content is then downloaded into the Sky Planner to be watched at any time.

Sky already had ITV and Channel 5 on board and it has been confirmed that 4oD will be arriving in the New Year however an exact date hasn't been set.

iPlayer is arguably one of the largest on demand services in the world, last year the BBC received over 200 million requests for programmes with 1 million going to Doctor Who alone.

Sky has been steadily upgrading its service with the new EPG which took effect a few months ago while the addition of the entire Bond collection and all the Harry Potter films has greatly increased its Sky Go offering.