BBC iPlayer is coming to Windows Phone a live tile, not an app

The BBC iPlayer is coming to Windows Phone in the form of a homescreen live tile, although no exact launch date has been confirmed

Apple and Android users have been enjoying the Beeb's iPlayer on the move for some time now. Finally it looks like Windows Phone users are going to get a piece of the pie. Well, kinda.

The BBC has confirmed it will be launching iPlayer as a live tile for Windows Phone later this year. Irritatingly though, the company has been silent on the exact date it will be made available - only saying it'll be along in the next couple of months.

Whether or not your Windows handset is running Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone 8, the live tile will still function - although it's not going to be a fully-functioned app, rather a portal to the iPlayer mobile site. Meaning you can stream the content but, unlike the iPlayer iOS app, you won't be able to download for offline watching. Which is kind of cheating really...

The BBC has been slow to embrace the Windows user base - choosing iOS, Android and even BlackBerry 10 ahead of Microsoft's system. But the new live tile is a step in the right direction for the streaming service that now ranks alongside many people's must-download list.

In fact, last year we rather optimistically predicted an iPlayer Windows app would arrive within weeks.

Are you a Windows user excited by the incoming iPlayer? Let us know your thoughts below.