BBC iPlayer app optimised for iPhone 5

No more bars (except the Queen vic) for mobile Eastenders fans

Widescreen optimisation, TV playback and a new Live Channels button highlights the latest update to the BBC iPlayer app for iPhone

The BBC has pushed out a new update for its iPlayer app, bringing support for the elongated widescreen 4-inch display on the new iPhone 5.

Since Apple's new smartphone arrived in September, iPlayer users have had to contend with black bars at the left and right edges of the picture, while the Beeb altered the aspect ratio of the app.

It may have taken a little while longer than most users would have liked, but the new version is here, bringing true widescreen versions of the corporation's most popular shows.

The new version of the app offers more than visual enhancement. iPhone users can now watch by plugging the smartphone into their television set, something which was already available on the iPad app.

Beeb enthusiasts can now also access the 'More' button within the playback screen to find more episodes and similar shows, while there's also a Live Channels button for switching between the various BBC stations while watching Live.

Via: The Next Web