BBC HD content to get copy protection

Ofcom decision allows Beeb to limit the availability of HD services

Ofcom say decision benefits consumers

A new Ofcom ruling allows the BBC to limit the availability of its HD services to receivers equipped with copy protection technology.

Ofcom accepted the broadcasters’ proposal that only receivers with content management technology should be able to access the electronic programme guide for Freeview HD.

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“This technology would control the way HD films and TV shows are copied on to, for example Blu-ray DVDs and shared with others over the internet", Ofcom said.

"Ofcom has concluded that the decision to accept the BBC's request will deliver net benefits to citizens and consumers by ensuring they have access to the widest possible range of HD television content on DTT".

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, described Ofcom's decision as "a serious blow to UK consumers and license-payers".

But fear not, you’ll still be free to record HD programmes from the BBC and other free-to-air broadcasters on to your DVR, and the move won’t affect standard definition content.

Link: BBC