BBC-backed UK Radioplayer service to launch March 31st

'iPlayer for radio' service to land later this month

UK Radioplayer to launch two years after plans unveiled

UK Radioplayer, the BBC-backed online radio catch-up service, nicknamed ‘iPlayer for radio’, is to launch on March 31st, it has confirmed.

Set to offer simple, convenient access to more than 200 UK radio stations, UK Radioplayer will mark the first time BBC and commercial radio station have been brought together in a single, online, on-demand, catch-up service.

Revealed via the UK Radioplayer website the service was confirmed to officially launch on March 31st with the declaration: “We’ll start with about 150 stations, then add more as fast as we can. Within a few weeks Radioplayer aims to feature the vast majority of the UK’s radio stations – between 200-300 individual services, with thousands of hours of on-demand programmes and podcasts searchable too”

Plans for the service were announced by the BBC director of audio and music, Tim Davie, two years ago. With the UK Radioplayer has now been confirmed for launch later this month a number of content suppliers expressing their excitement for the upcoming audio outlet. Speaking on the release Matt Deega of radio consultancy firm Folder Media announced via Twitter: "Very excited about UK Radio Player launching on the 31st March. We're very pleased with our stations' implementation."

Set to eventually run across internet-connected TV services such as the repeatedly delay hit BBC-backed YouView platform, any UK-based radio station from community to national level are free to join the UK RadioPlayer on the condition their content is digitally modified for the platform.

Talking on this cross-platform implementation Adrian Cross, leader of software development at Unique Interactive, the company developing the UK Radioplayer service, said the system’s “aligned streaming format will facilitate broader support across other platforms such as internet-connected set-top boxes and mobile devices.”

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Via: TheTelegraph