Battlefield 4 teaser site launched

DICE and EA launch teaser site for Battlefield 4

A Battlefield 4 teaser site has been launched by DICE and EA ahead of the game's big reveal next week

Battlefield 4 is reportedly set to be shown to the world in the coming days and it seems DICE and EA aren't wasting any time setting the hype wagon in motion for their flagship shooter. A Battlefield 4 teaser website has just been launched, which promises a couple of tidbits to players who login.

"The more fans who log in, the more we'll reveal," a caption on the site reads.

Anyone who does log into the site via their EA Origin account will see an image of a tank on a rain-swept street - much like the one in the recently leaked art for game (pictured in this story). They'll also receive a virtual dogtag bearing the legend, "I Was There", which they can equip to their avatar in Battlefield 3. The site also tells users to check back on March 27th for a first look at footage of Battlefield 4's gameplay.

The teaser site is the latest in a three-pronged PR effort by EA to promote Battlefield 4. Artwork from the game was leaked last week and this Monday, EA leake a six-second teaser clip on the Vine social network site.

Battlefield 4 is expected to launch on both current and next-gen consoles and PCs after the game's Beta, which is scheduled for Autumn of this year.