Battlefield 3 to become Andy McNab book

Book penned for same-day release as game

Andy McNab, the ex-SAS advisor in all things war-related is apparently putting Battlefield 3 onto the pages.

A blog devoted to all things Battlefield 3 has discovered the listing of a Battlefield book on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, prompting specualtion as to it's contents and purpose.

The 400-page book is set to be released on the same date as the game and is listed as being co-written by DICE member Patrick Bach as well as ex-SAS soldier and published author, Andy McNab.

It's not as yet clear as to the contents of the book, although speculation is suggesting it could be a 'making of' or in fact the novel of the single-player campaign.

The game itself has been causing quite a stir with the revelation of the new Frostbite engine and it's potentially chaotic multiplayer, becoming a fast contender to beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as the game of the year.

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Source: BF3 Blog