Battlefield 3 Premium Service hits 800,000 subscribers milestone

Two weeks in and EA's Battlefield subscription service is closing in on 1m users

Taking on the likes of Call of Duty Elite, EA's new Battlefield 3 Premium Service has surpassed expectation hitting 800,000 users in just two weeks

Just weeks after launching its new subscription-based gaming service, publisher EA has revealed that the Battlefield 3 Premium Service already has 800,000 paid users.

Rapidly storming to the verge of the one million user milestone, EA’s Call of Duty Elite-esque subscription service has seen 800,000 gamers sign up in just two weeks with EA suggesting the unprecedented success could see it expand the services across a broader spectrum of releases.

"We are very pleased with the performance so far," Patrick Soderlund, head of the EA Games label said as he revealed the online service was far exceeding the company’s original expectations.

He added: "We're actually only two weeks into it, so it's a little early to tell how this is going to pay off. It certainly looks very promising right now."

Available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers, the Battlefield 3 Premium Service sees subscribers offered all new DLC content exclusively two weeks prior to general release as well as offering up a selection of further limited content options.

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Via: CVG