Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC hits Xbox 360 and PC

Physical Warfare DLC released for Xbox 360 and PC Battlefield 3 gamers after PS3 arrival

Adding a selection of goodies to the epic FPS release DICE has made the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC available for free to Xbox and PC gamers

Following the recent arrival of the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC, developer DICE has made the title’s Physical Warfare downloadable content pack available free to Battlefield 3 gamers.

Being made available to Xbox 360 and PC gamers one week after its PS3 arrival developer DICE has launched a new Battlefield 3 DLC pack free to fans of its Call of Duty rivalling franchise.

Having originally been available exclusively to those eager gamers who pre-ordered a copy of the company's latest epic first-person shooter the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC is now available as a free download through Xbox Live and the PC store.

Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC Features

Adding a selection of in-game goodies to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rival the Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare DLC, whilst not introducing new maps, will see gamers sporting a DAO-12 shotgun for future destructive needs.

Other additions to the FPS release through the now free DLC include custom flechette ammo, a flash suppressor for the SKS Sniper Rifle and a Type 88 Light Machine Gun.

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Via: CVG