Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 will be 'Standard-def' without disc-install

Optional 'hi-res textures' download for those with a hard-drive

As games get better and better looking it's important to remember just how old our current consoles are, as technology improves game makers have to adapt to consoles, have we reached their limit?

It has been confirmed that in the Xbox 360 release of Battelfield 3 gamers will be given an option to install a 'textures pack' which will be installed to the hard-drive and allow the streaming of all the high-definition textures and shading that gives Battlefield its hyper-realistic look.

Gaming website GamerZines made the discovery a while ago but has only just confirmed with EA Games that this is a definite. While it will give the Xbox 360 a visual edge over the PS3 in terms of appearance it does rather hinder those who don't have a hard-drive on their Xbox 360. For these people the game will be what EA Executive Producer Patrick Bach calls a 'standard-def' version of the game.

Talking to the website Bach goes on to talk about who difficult it is to continue to make games that live up to our visual expectations but using consoles which are slowly moving out of date. Rage is one of the few other games to utilise this technique, and as a result is able to offer up stunning visuals on the Xbox 360.

Have a Xbox 360 without a hard-drive, has this news put you off buying Battlefield 3? Let us know via the comments box below...

Source: GamerZines