Battlefield 3 multiplayer hit by server faults following launch

EA's newly released first person shooter sees enraged gamers without multiplayer modes

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Gamers left frustrated as EA Online servers fail following the Battlefield 3 release leaving those who queued into the night unable to play Battlefield 3 multiplayer gaming modes

Following the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 release at midnight last night EA’s highly acclaimed first person shooter has been struck by a number of issues as server outages restrict the game’s online multiplayer offerings.

With gamers reporting repeated lag and dropout whist sampling the Battlefield 3 multiplayer modes in the hours after the title hit store shelves, the EA Online servers went completely offline preventing those keen to make use of the title’s multiplayer features from doing so.

Launch for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 all three Battlefield 3 formats appear to have been affected by the server disruptions with gamers turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations whilst searching for answers.

In an attempt to qwuell users anger DICE’s Battlefield 3’s Community Manager Daniel Matros announced on Twitter that EA would be performing server ‘maintenance’ that it was hoped would last 20 minutes.

He later added: “I honestly don’t have an ETA right now. As soon as I do, I will post it.”

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Via: GamesBeat