Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer reveals new multiplayer levels

Battlefield 3 trailer excites eager first person shooter fans

Battlefield 3 release date teased once again by new Battlefield 3 trailer outing multiplayer footage

Battlefield 3 developers EA and DICE have released a new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer with footage of the upcoming release’s expansive multiplayer levels revealed.

Constructed from actual gameplay footage taken from the title’s Alpha testing model the latest Battlefield 3 trailer, dubbed ‘Caspian Boarder’, gives a tantalising insight to the game’s broad range of content with users able to drive tanks and jeeps as well as flying helicopters and fighter jets.

With a Battlefield 3 release date of October 28th set for the game’s PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 offerings, the EA first person shooter will land more than a week ahead of its fierce rival with a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release date lined up for November 8th.

With 64 player multiplayer modes heading to the Battlefield 3 PC release the most recently outed Battlefield 3 screenshots have shown that like its Activision rival the game will have levels set in Paris.

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Via: GeekyGadgets