Battlefield 3 ban sees retailers arrested for selling game

EA's cinematic first person shooter comes under fire from Iranian censors

Having topped the UK All Format Gaming Chart for multiple weeks EA's Battlefield 3 release has been less well received elsewhere being banned in Iran

Iranian police have reportedly arrested a number of shop owners within the country who were caught selling banned copies of EA’s recent first person shooter release, Battlefield 3.

Outlawed due to its fictional depiction of a US military invasion of Tehran, Battlefield 3 has become a taboo topic within Iran with vendors and those hawking bootleg copies of the Battlefield 3 release being actively targeted by the government.

Having been warned not to sell the FPS gaming release retailers within the country have reported that police have "raided (some shops) and arrested owners for selling the game secretly."

Reacting to the situation EA has taken a slightly callous stance stating: "In that Battlefield 3 is not available for purchase in Iran, we can only hope the ban will help prevent pirated copies reaching consumers there."

Battlefield 3 Release

Launching late last month EA’s eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 release topped the UK All Format Gaming Charts for two weeks before being dethroned by bitter rival and fellow FPS title Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Despite record sales, Battlefield 3 was plagued by a number of online issues in the days after it hit stores.

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Via: CVG