Ballmer: Microsoft "hardcore" about tablets

Microsoft boss says he's taking tablets seriously

Top dog says Windows slates will be aimed at regular folk and businesses.

Microsoft is “hardcore” about tablets and is working on a string of different machines to give gadget lovers plenty of choice when it comes to slapping down cash. As opposed to the iPad and its singular appeal.

Speaking at a conference in Seattle, Steve Ballmer said Windows slates would not only focus on chowing down on media and movies, but would also be primed for work and business too, something Apple’s effort eschews apart from iWork.

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“We want to give you a great device, a consumer oriented device, but a device that fits and is manageable with today’s enterprise IT solutions,” he said. That means something perhaps a tad more tech heavy than the iPad.

Word on when such Windows slates will arrive remains a mystery. Ballmer used his CES press conference to show off the HP tablet which has since gone to ground thanks to HP’s takeover of Palm and webOS.

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