Babbage's steam PC to be finally built?

A computer from the 1800s in the 21st century

Bring the tech of the 1800s into the present!

Charles Babbage, regarded as the father of the modern computer, might just see hisvision turn into reality.

.relatedLinksLeft { font-size:12px; width:300px; margin:12px 12px 12px 0; float:left; padding:0px 0px 10px 0px; background:#ececec; } h3.rlTitle {margin:0px; display:block; padding:5px 0 4px 15px !important; background:#ddd; } A UK-based initiative to build Babbage's prototype computer that he thought of in 1837is slowly gaining speed. With over 1,600 people already monetarily supporting thecampaign, it requires another 48,400 people to hit their target.

A complete version of the steam-powered machine has never been built to date.

John Graham-Cumming, the man behind the campaign said to the BBC: "A hundred years ago, beforecomputers were available, [Babbage] had envisaged this machine."

Had this machine been built at the time, it would've been the first computer, butcould have been between the size of a small lorry and a steam locomotive.

Graham-Cumming also said: "I was a little worried whether enough people would careabout a steam-powered computer, with 1k of memory that was 13,000 times slower than a[Sinclair] ZX81."

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Via: BBC