Award-winning Unmechanical coming to Steam and iOS

Side-scrolling brain-buster Unmechanical heading to iPhone and iPad

Heading to iPhone and iPad in August, Unmechanical shares more than a little of its design with the likes of Machinarium, no bad thing we think you'll agree

Side-scrolling puzzle game Unmechanical has been confirmed for Steam on the 8th August and will then be heading to the Apple iPhone and iPad a few weeks after.

The award-winning side-scrolling game throws you into an underground world full of pipes and physics-based puzzles as you fight to find your way back to the surface.

Built from scratch on a budget of zero it's the brainchild of Swedish developer Teotl who have been working with the likes of Epic Games and just so happen to be experts at using the Unreal Engine to its absolute limit.

With its refreshingly different design and atmosphere that harks back to the likes of Machinarium Unmechanical looks set to be the perfect way of pushing the New iPad to its limits.