Average Brit now spends 15 hours per week online

A new study by Ofcom has found that British internet usage is at an all time high

Our love with the internet continues to grow with a new Ofcom study finding that the average Brit now spends 15 hours per week browsing the web

British internet usage times have hit a record high with new reports suggesting the average Brit now spends 15 hours per week online.

Marking a 50 per cent increase in browsing times from the 2005, the new figures, compiled by a study from broadcasting regulator Ofcom, have found that whilst internet usage has gone up, users’ attitudes and concerns around online safety has decreased.

With 79 per cent of British internet users now making use of a variety of connected devices to access the web as and when they choose, the new report has found that just 50 per cent of users have anxiety around online safety, down from 70 per cent in seven years ago.

Whilst the rise in broadband speeds and increased mobile access have undoubtedly contributed to the higher usage times, the study has suggested social networks are an ever increasing factor to British web use times.

With 59 per cent of British adults confirming they have a least one social networking profile, the figures have revealed that 67 per cent of these users access their social media profiles on a daily basis.

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Via: TheTelegraph