Avatar voted one of the best Blu-ray action moments

James Cameron's Sci-Fi epic claims Blu-ray action title

Sci-Fi behemoth Avatar announced as having the best Blu-ray action moments to date

James Cameron’s futuristic blockbuster Avatar has topped a list of the best Blu-ray action moments with the 3D powerhouse landing alongside the likes of The Dark Knight.

Having broke all box-office records following its release Avatar, which has helped push 3D films in to the mainstream through the use of pioneering new extra-dimesional technologies, looks set to help further develop the Blu-ray sector as one of five films to top a chart of the format’s best moments.

The chart, compiled by the Blu-ray Disc Association saw Avatar announced as one of Blu-ray’s five greatest action moments to date alongside The Dark Knight and King Kong. Scenes from the mind-bending thriller Inception and The Green Hornet completed the five top moments.

“The climactic scene when the native Na’vi take to the air to fight the humans is an epic battle on such an immense scale that it really takes more than one viewing to absorb it all,” a spokesperson for the Blu-ray Disc Association announced.

“The astonishing details, audio and the pace of the scene truly take your breath away in this battle of nature versus technology – and make an incredible showcase for any Blu-ray set-up.”

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