Avatar 3D Blu-ray exclusive to Panasonic until 2012

3D Avatar not hitting stores as stand alone for over a year

Panasonic secures exclusive rights to Avatar 3D Blu-ray

The 3D Blu-ray edition of Hollywood blockbuster Avatar will be exclusively available through the purchase of extra dimensional Panasonic AV equipment until 2012 it has been revealed, much to the dismay of early 3D TV adopters.

With the uptake and expansion of 3D home entertainment pivoting on the availability of strong 3D content it seems unjust that arguably the best and certainly the biggest 3D film to date will be held exclusively for those willing to forego the range of other strong 3D TV providers in favour of a Panasonic branded product.

Speaking with AV blogger AVZombie, Panasonic reportedly stated: “Just to confirm the Avatar bundle deal does run until Feb 2012.”

Whilst Panasonic can be guaranteed to cash in on the blue-hued character exclusivity those buying Panasonic branded 3D equipment could well find themselves able to collect a premium sum for their free 3D Avatar incentive if looking to sell it via any number of internet sales sites.

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Via: 3DRadar