Australian university to hand out 11,000 iPads

One for every new student next year

The University of Western Sydney has decided to give an iPad to every new student next year, with staff also benefitting from the institution's generosity

Picking the right university over in Australia just got a lot more rewarding as the University of Western Sydney has said it will give out an iPad to every new student next year - that's 11,000 tablets.

Staff will also be receiving the 16GB, Retina Display, Wi-fi model as part of the university's "Blended Learning Strategy" that aims to complement face-to-face learning with new technology.

It's probably no coincidence that the incentive was announced on the day New South Wales high school graduates learned their tertiary entrance ranks, which determines which university courses they can be accepted onto.

What's more, the university's six campuses all boast free Wi-fi for students to access on their shiny new tablets. That means they can access the online lectures, library services and apps that make up the Blended Learning Strategy the uni is implementing.

Via: The Register