Australia in talks to change name of Apple's New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G

Australian Complaints Commission meeting with Apple today over 4G 'confusion'

Apple's New iPad is not compatible with Australia's 4G equivalent, as such the ACCC is looking for a name change to avoid further consumer confusion

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is meeting with Apple today in the hopes of changing the name of Apple's New iPad to better highlight the fact that its 4G antenna will not work with Australia's own 4G network.

The Commission alleges that the promotion of Apple's New iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G incorrectly implies that consumers in Australia would be able to connect their tablets to the country's own 4G network.

Despite Australia having a '4G' network the frequency it uses is not compatible with the iPad antenna, because of this the ACCC has already put in place some measures that means Apple has to make it clear that the tablet will not run on the 4G network.

At present Apple has agreed to refund any customer who bought the iPad thinking they would be able to use it on Australia's 4G network but it's believed that todays meeting could feature stronger demands over the name of the tablet itself.