Audi Carbon Ski concept unveiled with sleek design

Super light, strong skis unveiled by car giant Audi

Image 1 of 4 Audi Carbon Ski
Audi Carbon Ski
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Audi Carbon Ski
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Audi Carbon Ski
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Audi Carbon Ski

Audi hit the slopes with new Carbon Ski concept

Car giant Audi has unveiled an exclusive pair of branded carbon fibre skis that combine decades of vehicle technology and practises into the ultimate winter accessory.

With the Ski season drawing to a close, Audi has officially unveiled the Audi Carbon Ski concept which it claims “may become available in winter 2011/2012,” giving you plenty of time to save the pennies for what will no doubt be a lavish addition to your winter wears.

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The Audi Carbon Skis weigh in at a mere 960 grams each with their light weight and extreme stiffness proving a perfect combination for carving fast, graceful lines through powder. Speaking on the concept stunning design Audi’s Head of Design Wolfgang Egger said: “As a long-time partner and sponsor of the German Ski Association, a ski produced by Audi is a logical consequence of this partnership. This is how the Audi Carbon Ski concept came about. And the ski’s brilliant handling characteristics have been confirmed by professionals from the sport.”

He added: “The serial-production ski was able to borrow from the concept study, and it features outstanding technical properties. At the same time, its minimalist design underscores the technical nature of the carbon.”

Are the Audi Carbon Skis more style of substance or a beautiful blend of function and design? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.