Asus Transformer Prime delayed due to stock issues

Ice Cream Sandwich boasting tablet coming soon

Despite receiving acclaim from those within the tech industry the Prime is getting a bit of a beating from customers, mainly because it hasn't turned up yet

Asus have confirmed that there have been some issues regarding stock quantities which has resulted in the Asus Transformer Prime release being heavily delayed in the UK.

After having a number of prospective customers come forward complaining that their tablet would be delayed, the company released a statement on its Facebook page.

"ASUS have been working all day with our retailers to try and fulfill back orders. Unfortunately due to high demand this has not been possible. However we are shipping more stock over the coming weeks. Please contact your retailer for dates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

It would appear that a small number have received their Transformer Prime via Amazon while others are commenting on ASUS' Facebook page stating that the Carphone Warehouse also had limited stock.

It's believed that stock will be arriving in the coming weeks however many sites still have pre-orders commitments to upkeep so whether you'll be able to just walk in and buy one will be another matter.

Asus Transformer Prime features

Ultra-slim, ultra-light and hosting the world’s first appearance of a quad-core mobile processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 that promises up to 18 hours of portable battery life, the Transformer Prime commits to quench an enduring desire for a truly mobile entertainment powerhouse.

As the slimmest tablet on the market (8.3mm), the tablets innovative docking design is said to seamlessly integrate keyboard and touchpad. The tablet hosts an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording and is finished with a metallic spin design.

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