Asus to launch app store for its Android tablets?

App store to cater to Android tablets from Asus

Asus has an Android app store in the works?

Asus might well be working on an Android app store of its own.

Nothing official has been announced with regard to the dedicated Android app store. There's also an ongoing debate as to whether their new tablets announced at CES 2011 will ship with Honeycomb or not. Google allows Android Marketplace access for tablets with phone functionality or those that will eventually get Honeycomb.

Their trio of new tablets will land in UK towards the latter half of 2011 - Wi-fi models only. Their 3G models will release one quarter after the Wi-fi models, so we may see them only in 2012 or around Christmas 2011.

Asus, with its own Android app store, would pass the restriction placed by Google like Toshiba and Archos has already done. In addition, if the new tablets don't have Honeycomb, then the dedicated app store would ensure their customers aren't left behind.

Watch this space for any official announcements.

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Via: ITProPortal