Asus Padfone launching at Mobile World Congress 2012

Press invite confirms launch of tablet/phone hybrid

Originally thought of as a neat concept Asus have decided to go ahead and put the Padfone into full production with the unveil set for MWC 2012

Asus have confirmed that they will be launching the new Asus Padfone smartphone and Transformer tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012.

Tech journalists received the invitation to the press conference, which states that Asus will be previewing the final product with a early-2012 release date looking more and more likely.

By combining a tablet body with the hardware grunt of the smartphone Asus have created what they believe is the future of mobile-devices demonstrating that smartphones can now be powerful enough to function as tablets as well.

Of course all eyes will be on the operating system Asus decides to use, and with the Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich update already under way it’s almost a given that the Padfone will be launching with Android 4.0.

Neat gimmick or actual tech marvel? Let us know what you think via the comments box below…