ASUS N53 and N73 laptops unveiled

Two new laptops in UK by Christmas

SonicMaster tech amongst new features

Taiwanese electronics giant ASUS has released information on two new laptops. The N53 and N73 both feature high-quality Bang & Olufsen-developed speakers, using SonicMaster technology.

ASUS claims that SonicMaster "isn't a gimmick, but a new professional audio certification programme for portable computers.” It essentially means laptops with “large speaker chambers, more powerful amplifiers and extensive software processing” for serious portable audio.

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Both devices include battery-saving Optimus power-switching technology which automatically changes between integrated and discrete graphics to save power. They also feature a Blu-Ray drive, webcam, HDMI port, card reader and USB 3.0 port. The N53 will sells for between £650 and £1000 depending on the options picked, while the N73 goes for £1100.

Both are expected to be released in the UK before the end of the year, and we’ll be looking at them in more depth before then. Keep checking, the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for further updates.

Link: TechWatch