ASUS Eee Pad Android tablet to sport smartphone dock?

Pad/phone combo to be unveiled at Computex

Phone on the go, a tablet in the home

ASUS has been quite forthcoming with its teasers ahead of Computex, with several lens flare-smattered posters appearing online promising a raft of new products. The latest of these is probably the most intriguing, as it appears to show a phone and tablet that are somehow interlinked – possibly by docking the phone inside the tablet.

The teaser, pictured right, shows an Android handset (known to be as such thanks to the four Android buttons seen when you zoom in) next to a tablet with the lines ‘Pad or phone?’ and ‘How about both?’.

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For our money, this can only mean that the tablet will link in some way to the phone. It’s unclear as to whether this will be wirelessly or not, but if we had to guess, we’d hazard that the Pad will be an empty shell that the phone can slot into, giving users the best of both worlds as and when it’s needed, much like the system used by the Motorola Atrix.

The teaser has also been leaked with one for a tablet that ASUS claims to be a ‘tablet that jumps out at you’. Is ASUS readying a 3D tablet, as well? What do you make of all this? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.