ASUS and Amimon to launch HD streaming adaptor

WiCast adaptors to deliver 1080p wireless streams

WiCast promises latency-free HD streaming

ASUS has teamed up with wireless technology company Aminon to enter the HD wireless streaming race. The WiCast adaptors allow users to stream content, including 1080p video across a wireless network with no discernable delay.

The adaptors, powered by USB ports, are to be sold as two small boxes, one plugging into the source output, the other into an HD TV. PC monitors, laptops and netbooks, as well as any device with an HDMI port can be used; Blu-Ray players and games consoles can also be connected.

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The press release states that the device operates with “no noticeable” lag, with a delay of less than 1 millisecond, which makes it ideal for gaming.

Amimon are best-known for developing the Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) that allows wireless broadcasting and interfacing of uncompressed high-definition video sources with next to no latency.

There is no release date for the WiCast just yet, but stay tuned to, the T3 Facebook page and Twitter stream for more details.

Link: Engadget