ARM announces next-gen Mali T600 chips

ARM unveils second-generation graphics chips for use in tablets and smartphones

ARM has unveiled designs for its second generation graphics chips for use in smartphones, tablets and smart TV

The three new chips - the Mali T624, the Mali T628 and the Mali 678 - are part of the British firm's T600 range and each promise a 50 per cent performance increase. They're also the first chips to include Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC), a texture compression technique that optimizes GPU performance and increases battery life in devices.

“People expect higher standards of visual computing on their smartphones, tablets and smart-TVs with seamless access to their digital world and personal content,” said Pete Hutton, General Manager, Media Processing Division, ARM. “GPU compute enables this as it increases the range of functions mobile devices can perform within the available battery life. ARM continues to focus on system-wide optimization by integrating market leading CPU and GPU technologies to drive both high performance and energy-efficiency.”

ARM says the first devices using the new chips should start appearing around September of 2013. Techradar reports that the first of these is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, although that is unconfirmed at this time.

Source: Techradar