Are you satisfied with your broadband?

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With advertised broadband speeds getting ever higher, we want to know if you're happy with your broadband, or if you think you’re getting a raw deal

It’s been a busy few weeks for broadband news.

This week Virgin Media stated it has exceeded its own targets for setting up superfast broadband in the UK, claiming that 10 million homes now have access to 100 MBPS internet.

The week before we broke the news last week that Virgin is being investigated by the ASA in relation to some claims in its current broadband ads.

BT meanwhile has claimed next year it will be selling broadband with speeds of 300 MBPS – and today Google announced it is throwing its hat into the ring, laying fibre optic cables in the US.

But we still receive complaints from readers that the broadband speed they receive is far less than what is advertised.

So we want to hear from you – are you satisfied with your broadband speeds?

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