Are the iPhone alarms working on January 3?

Working for some, while many stay without a wake-up ring

The confusion over the iPhone alarm continues...

The Apple iPhones using a version of iOS 4 were affected by a bug which prevented the alarms from ringing on the first two days of the New Year.

According to reports, the bug was affecting single alarms that were set to go off on 1 January and/or 2 January. Apple seemed to be aware of the issue, and advised users to set recurring alarms for either day which would allow the phone's alarm to go off.

It was also reported that the bug would disappear of its own accord by 3 January.

However, many Twitter users are reporting that their alarm clock did not go off today as they had hoped. A search for "iPhone" and "alarm" on Twitter will reveal many disappointed iPhone users who fully expected to wake up this morning on time.

Though we should point out, there are a number of tweets reporting their alarms did go off today, so there seems to be a chasm between the two groups.

Apple hasn't commented on this yet, and the mystery of the silent alarm clocks, and why they're ringing for some and not for others, continues.

The alarm clock issue isn't exactly a new one - Apple's alarm clock failed to go off for some users when the Daylight Saving Time kicked in two months ago.

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