Archos Arnova Android tablets outed

8 and 10 inch budget slates revealed

Resistive panels and ageing version of Android for new slates.

Archos has just given the official nod to two new tablets, dubbed the Arnova 8 and Arnova 10. And while you might be jonesing for a top-end Honeycomb effort, these Android-packing slates are all about keeping costs low, which means specs are a tad compromised.

The Arnova 8 crams in a somewhat sluggish 600MHz processor, with a mere 4GB of storage, old-school Android 2.1 and a pesky resistive touchscreen. That said, it only costs $150 (£93) across the pond, so getting het up about its failure to kick it with the Motorola Xoom is hardly worthwhile.

The more capacious Arnova 10 comes with the same 600MHz chip and Android software, but bulks up to 8GB, again using a resistive panel. It comes in at $199 (£123). Each model touts SD support, g standard Wi-Fi and 22 hours battery for music.

What is baffling, however, is Archos’ plan to release two new versions of these Arnova slates in April, with Android 2.3, capacitive panels and 1GHz processors. Word is that the prices will stay the same.

It all begs the question: why buy a compromised Archos Arnova now when you can get a decent one in under two months? Let us know what you think of this somewhat unique strategy over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Electronista