Apps are cheaper on a Friday

Survey discovers best day to get apps for iOS 5

A survey has found that are in fact definite points in the week where apps on Apple's App Store will be cheaper than any other day

A survey has found that apps will reach their lowest price on a Friday, making the end of the week the best time to get cheap apps for your iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

Carried out by Madvertise and AppZapp the survey looked into the prices of apps across all genres on Apple's App Store and found that there were definite trends which correlated between price and the day of the week.

The survey found that on a Thursday iPad apps would rise in price by around 17.9 per cent while apps for iPhone would rise by a slightly less 17.36 per cent. Then on a Friday an average taken of all apps saw a significant drop in price with 19.58 per cent for iPad and 18 per cent for iPhone.

Elsewhere the survey found that Games were the most popular type of iPhone app on the App Store with Books coming a surprising second, finally Education was in fact fourth. This was essentially repeated with iPad apps however with one major difference, Educational apps were ranked as the third most popular type of app bought on the App Store.

With Black Friday offering huge app discounts it would appear as though while Friday is already the best day to get apps, this Friday should reveal a treasure trove of discounts.