Apple's "one more thing" could be new social app

Apple may launch Facebook rival at iPad 2 event

New media sharing app to debut with iPad 2

The "one more thing" surprise at Apple launch events is legendary, bringing us iconic gadgets like the iPod touch and MacBook Air over the years. So what extra bonus does the company have in store for today's iPad 2 launch in San Francisco?

Well according to Business Insider, the "one more thing" could be a new social app that allows location, media and photo sharing application for its iOS devices.

While it won't be a direct rival to Facebook, the source suggests that it may be an embellished version of the iTunes social network Ping, or could even replace MobileMe, Apple's cloud service, which is rumoured to be going free.

The report, which references a single inside source at Apple, says: "Specifically, our source speculates that the app could have some sort of media-sharing and location-sharing features. Maybe photo sharing," explains the piece.

"It could be part of Ping, it could replace Ping, it could be part of MobileMe (which may go free), or it could be separate -- our source isn't sure. But this person says that if there is a surprise at the event, this could be it."

So is Apple taking another stab at social networking or is this just another of those endless rumours that surface on launch day before every Apple event. We'll find out at 6PM UK time when the launch event kicks off tonight.

Link: Business Insider