Apple's iPhone 5 to feature "Lightning" dock and "Earpod" headphones?

New names to accompany new device

The rumoured 19 pin dock connector that may debut on the iPhone 5 tonight has apparently been dubbed "Lightning", a name that could become the official title

According to a story posted on 9to5Mac, the internal name for the new connection could become its official marketing title after the iPhone 5 is announced tonight.

The name obviously works with Apple's Thunderbolt connection - but could also hint at faster speeds for the smaller connection.

Apple isn't stopping there. Last week images leaked onto the internet that apparently showed new, reimagined Apple headphones - the first time the apperance of the iconic white 'phones has changed since 2001.

And with the new look, comes the new name - as the new headphones will be dubbed Earpods (as in, iPod) and will go on sale at the same price as the current model.

While new headphones, sorry, Earpods are likely to be well-received the Lightning connection will mean any existing docks or cables will need to be replaced. So, word is Apple has worked up two different adapters so your new iPhone can still play nice with your old kit.

Keep checking back with T3 for live coverage of the Apple iPhone 5 announcement tonight.

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