Apple vs Samsung: Apple offered to licence patents at $30 per phone

Cupertino made offer to Samsung back in October 2010

Apple attempted to do a licensing deal with Samsung in October 2010, which would have seen the Cupertino company earn $30 for every Samsung smartphone sold and $40 for every tablet.

The news has emerged from a previously unavailable Apple presentation, given after the release of the original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. In it, Apple says that Sammy “chose to embrace and imitate Apple’s iPhone archetype,” but that as Samsung was a partner and supplier for Apple gadgets, that it would offer a patent licence.

Samsung turned down such a deal, which Apple wanted extended to cover Bada and Symbian handsets, as well as Android ones. Apple claimed that Samsung would have owed it $250 million for 2010, significantly less than Tim Cook and co were spending on Samsung components at that time.

The offer was revealed during the latest court session in San Jose, California, where Apple and Samsung are duking it out over a series of patent infringements.

Via All Things D