Apple v Samsung: Cupertino brings fight to the UK

Apple v Samsung lawsuit hits UK shores

No details on just what patents Apple is complaining about in UK

Apple and Samsung’s legal battle has returned to UK shores, with the Cupertino company filing papers against Samsung at the High Court in London on Monday this week.

The news was revealed by Samsung to ZDNet. It comes three months after Samsung sued Apple in Blighty, although information on each case is lacking by its absence. It’s still unknown which patents are being fought over here in the UK.

The action between Samsung and Apple stretches back to the start of this year, with Tim Cook and co complaining about Sammy’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In response, Samsung reckons Apple’s iPhone uses its patents.

As soon as we get more news on just what patents are being disputed, or heaven forfend, a resolution to the dispute, we’ll bring it to you straight away. Both here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.