Apple user leak source found

Leaked Apple user IDs stolen from digital firm and not the FBI

Web publisher Blue Toad has debunked claims by the hacker group Antisec that it stole millions of Apple user IDs from an FBI laptop

Antisec, the hacktivist group who claimed last week that its members had stolen over 12 million Apple unique device identifiers (UDIDs) from an FBI computyer, has had its credibility called into question.

A Florida-based digital publishing company called Blue Toad, has released a statement saying that it believes it is the source of the leaked UDIDs. It said that it was the victim of a sustained cyber attack last week and Apple UDIDs were stolen during the breach.

On the Blue Toad company blog, chief executive Paul Dehart wrote: ""Although we successfully defend against thousands of cyber attacks each day, this determined criminal attack ultimately resulted in a breach to a portion of our systems,"

"When we discovered that we were the likely source of the information in question, we immediately reached out to law enforcement to inform them and to co-operate with their ongoing criminal investigation of the parties responsible for the criminal attack and the posting of the information."

The FBI released a statement to Reuters saying:"it certainly does appear that BlueToad was where the information was actually compromised".