Apple unveils new Mac Pro, iMac and Cinema Display

Cupertino goes all out with a barrage of updated tech

Today is the day that Apple proves it's simply business as usual by releasing a whole new line up, has it paid off though?

Cupertino has unveiled not one, but four major new products today at a press conference held this morning.

Mac Pro

The first of its big releases is the new Mac Pro; containing very few physical changes, the big differences are what's going to be available on the inside. This new model (available from August) will be able to run up to a staggering twelve cores, and will now have the availability of SSD (Solid State Drives) which are hugely faster than conventional Hard Drives. This does of course all come at a premium however, for their suggested base model you can be looking at just shy of £2000, whilst the higher end models will vary between £2799 and well, the skys the limit. As Apple is proud to point out, there are nearly a billion different ways that you can configure the Mac Pro, so to use the world spoilt for choice might be a tad inappropriate.

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Next up is the iMac, their version of the desktop. Again, as with the Pro, the visual differences are very small from the previous generation; this model has a SD card slot on the side, and to be frank, that's about it. Featuring the new Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors the iMac will be hugely powerful and like the Pro, it can be outfitted with the new state of the art SSD's. Of course these will come at a rather hefty premium, expect it to cost between £300-£700 to add SSD drives to your iMac. Still rocking the LED screen that made it so good to look at before, this new generation has had more of an engine refit than it has a bodywork restyling.

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LED Cinema Display and Magic Trackpad

These two may be last, but they're certainly not least. The new 27-inch Cinema Display is, like it's predecessor, a very swanky piece of kit. Designed to be used in conjunction with a Macbook or Macbook Pro it's equiped with a LED resolution of 2560 x 1440. To make using it even more enjoyable Apple have thrown in an iSight camera, speakers and magsafe charger, making sure you'll never want to leave the desktop again. If on the other hand you've bought an iMac or Mac Pro and you miss the multi-touch of the Macbook and Macbook Pro then don't panic. Apple's long awaited and hugely leaked Magic Trackpad is out. Essentially a much larger version of the multi-touch trackpad found on their notebooks, the Magic Trackpad adds multi-touch to the desktop family. Using bluetooth the trackpad will make sure, like all the other Apple products, that there'll be as few a wires as possible, and in that respect we have to agree.

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All these will be coming out over the period of the next few months, some, like the iMac and Magic Trackpad are available now, while the Cinema Display won't be available till September and the Mac Pro August.