Apple TV update rolled out

New set-top box software follows iOS 5 and OSX upgrades into the wild

Having unleashed new software for its iOS and OSX devices, now Apple has outed updated Apple TV features. But what exactly does the so-called “hobby product” have that’s new?

Apple has rolled out a new software update for Apple TV. The 4.4 version of the software for its set-top box is up for grabs now and makes the dinky effort even more appealing to those who fancy streaming content from their Macs, PCs and the web.

There’s new AirPlay Mirroring skills for watching whatever’s being played on your iPad on the screen of your TV. Plus Photo Stream smarts so you can check out snaps from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and stored on the company’s new iCloud service.

There’s a new trailers feature for catching up on the latest forthcoming Hollywood flicks, while US users get live National Hockey League and live info on the latest business happenings via a new Wall Street Journal Live app.

The update can be snagged now. Tell us how you get on with it in the comments section below.

Via MacRumors