Apple TV the most popular internet connected set top box

Apple's 'pet project' tops charts as the most popular device in its sector

Emulating the likes of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Apple TV has become the leading device in its sector becoming the most popular connected set top box

With rumours rife that Apple is to update its TV offering to bring HD to the connected masses, new reports have revealed that the current Apple TV unit is the most popular internet-connected set top box on the market.

Claiming a 32 per cent share of the market, new figures compiled by research firm Strategy Analytics have revealed that Steve Jobs’ former ‘pet project’ now controls a dominant share of its respective market emulating the success of its Apple branded siblings, the iPad, iPhone and of course the generation defining iPod.

With the research company predicting Apple will sell a hefty four million Apple TV units during the current calendar year, sales of the internet connected TV content streamer are expected to be more than double the number achieved during 2010.

Apple iTV Rumours

Whilst some have claimed Apple will release a 1080p Full HD capable Apple TV set top box early next year, other Cupertino based rumours have suggested Apple is to enter the full television market with a selection of variably sized Apple TV sets to land in late 2012 dubbed the Apple iTV.

What would you rather see come out of Cupertino next a new Apple TV with 1080p Full HD capabilities or dedicated Apple iTV television sets? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: GeekyGadgets