Apple TV sold out at multiple US Apple stores

Strong figures suggest one million opening quarter sales

Apple TV turns from hobby to money maker

Despite Steve Jobs describing Apple TV as the company’s ‘hobby’ project, the heavily updated second generation of the video content streamer has proven remarkable popular with consumers as many Apple stores in the US have reportedly sold out of the device.

Made available to a UK market yesterday, the new Apple TV system, which is one quarter the size of its predecessor and was announced alongside the new range of iPods last month, has seen unexpected success since launching in the US. With a minimal £99 price tag set on this side of the Atlantic, the latest Apple TV looks on form to replicate this popularity in the UK.

Capable of streaming HD content from user’s iTunes accounts to their TVs, the 802.11 Wi-Fi connectable Apple TV unit hosts HDMI, mini-USB, optical audio and Ethernet ports inside its palm-sized £99 body. With HD movie rentals priced at £4.49 each and TV shows, currently only available in the US, costing 99c per episode, the longevity of consumer interest in Apple TV could prove a huge money spinner for the fruity tech company.

Whilst less than a million units of the original Apple TV device were sold per year, opening sales figures for the second gen Apple TV have Wall Street analysts predicting the latest model will top this annual figure on a quarterly basis. Although this is a drastic improvement in sales it is still eclipsed by Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices which are expected to sell in excess of 17.5 million units in the quarter leading up to this festive period.

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