Apple TV: new model sells 250,000

New set-top box doing well according to Steve Jobs

Cheap rentals doing the trick for new-look STB.

Aside from going off one one about Apple’s rivals, Steve Jobs also used last night’s quarterly earnings call to talk up the success of the new, slimmed-down Apple TV.

According to the boss himself, the new effort has already sold 250,000 units. That’s not quite up there with the epic numbers of iPads, iPhones and Macs that Apple sold in the most recent quarter, but it represents initial success for a product Jobs himself has called a ‘hobby product’.

The figure was revealed when Jobs was asked a question about moving to a streaming model for iTunes. While he was reticent about discussing music streaming, he was quick to talk up the new Apple TV’s AirPlay skills, as well as show off about the number already sold.

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