Apple TV jailbroken through SHAtter

Spruce up Apple TV with some warranty-voiding apps

First the iPod Touch 4G was jailbroken, now Apple TV is the latest victim.

Only a day has passed and already the guys at iPhone Dev Team have reportedly jailbroken the Apple TV.

The team discovered that Apple’s latest media streaming device uses a combination of both Apple TV OS and iOS found on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, making it vulnerable to their 'exploit' called SHAtter.

Essentially what this means is that if it gets released, punters will be able to theoretically use any app available for iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and have it on their Apple TV. This will simply be shortcutting a move which Apple will probably be making anyway, reportedly through the use of ‘channels’ much like its current Netflix offering.

Either way Apple can’t be overjoyed to discover that yet another of its products has been hacked.

Link: Wired