Apple turns iPod touch into iPhone

Shonky Photoshop job gives new iPod touch some new features

Texts and calls land on iPod touch thanks to some slapdash work at Apple HQ.

Jonesing for a new iPod touch? Why the hell not, it’s got a string of killer new features, including FaceTime and a camera slapped round the back. But if you’ve been eyeing it up on Apple’s official site, you could be forgiven for thinking it came with even more new skills.

It seems Apple staffers were a tad lax with their Photoshop trickery, with this pic showing off a new iPod touch with a Phone app. You can spot it on the bottom left hand corner of the device on the right.

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What’s more, further shots show the Messaging app cropping up in a Spotlight search, clearly showing these pics were cobbled together before Apple’s press pic people had the chance to take proper shots of the new iPod touch in all its glory.

That aside, there’s no denying the new iPod touch is a belter. Whether the Apple staffers responsible for the slip up will feel the same after they feel the wrath of Jobs remains to be seen.

Via Engadget