Apple tops nominations for T3 Gadget Awards

Cupertino wipes floor with most products in 2011 nominations

Apple has casually shrug off 'Antennagate' and managed to come out fighting, wiping the floor of our nominations.

Apple has made its position clearly known with 20 nominations in 13 catagories, making it the most highly nominated brand.

While the list has included two of their latest products the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4, the company has also been gaining favour in more traditional areas such as their desktops and laptops.

The MacBook Air has with no shock at all made its way into the T3 Design Award list while still being able to rub shoulders with the iMac in the Computer of the Year Award.

Of course what must be the biggest revelation was Apple's iPad 2, thinner than thin and able to waltz into both the Tablet of the Year Award and T3 Design Award. Apple's also managed to nab some kudos for its innovative side with the Smart Cover being nominated for Gadget Accessory of the Year.

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